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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Editor’s Note: With visions of sugarplums dancing in her head, it’s been a bit difficult for CL to get focused on writing. She has opted to take the day off and let Hello Kitty take over. Kitty rather enjoys the season, though to be fair, she enjoys anything that involves food. A word of warning: the following post may put you into a diabetic coma just from reading it.

So many treats, not enough Peloton miles to burn them all off.

There are no prizes for looking like a parade float, but you have to admit she looks rather majestic at the Thanksgiving Day parade. It should be noted that the Christmas season only officially begins when Santa’s sleigh appears at the end.

At which point she feels no qualms about pilfering someone’s leftover chocolate Thanksgiving turkey and devouring it in its entirety. Who does she think she’s fooling, hiding behind the peanut butter?

She is notorious for devouring every last cookie. It doesn’t matter if you put the box on a high shelf, she will find a way to get into it. Bad kitty!

Whatever you do, do not put a box of marzipan in front of her. It will be the last time you see the marzipan.


Often she will wonder why someone has sent her a completely empty box. There’s really no other explanation for a total lack of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. It’s quite puzzling and also rather sad because she really does love chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

But eating is not all she does! Kitty is quite partial to cuddling up with a cup of tea in her favorite holiday mug. She is looking rather snazzy in the scarf grandma knitted for her. It also helps to cover the fat bulge from eating all those cookies.

Sometimes she gets a little cranky when she runs out of her favorite things. She is especially fond of Nutcracker Sweet tea…

And a few other holiday favorites. No matter how she tries, she cannot get them to last past June. And then Christmas is so very far away that she doesn’t understand why there weren’t more boxes to begin with. Greedy kitty!

She does enjoy a good bottle of wine.

You just may want to keep her away from the stash. Sometimes kitty does not know when to stop, at which point she can get rather rambunctious and then you really never know what’s going to happen.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll find her face-down in a bucket of goodies after that.

Honestly. Sometimes you don’t know what to say about this kitty.

Once in a while she will come across a transcendent treat that will totally blow her mind. And then she will keep it for a while to admire it because even though she really, really wants to eat it, some things are almost too cool to eat. Almost. But not really.

Any holiday season with Kitty is a good one. Even if she never leaves any marzipan for anyone else.

Photo: rascal!