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Carol Lynn

Odd Random Memories

I’m Ok With Spider Webs

I used to have spider webs in my room as a kid. Spiders took up residence in the corners of the ceiling where they would then make short work of the rest of the creeping, flying things. And that was ok with me.
Carol Lynn
September 29, 2014
On Being Ungrateful

Sometimes You Just Want A Smurf

Sometimes odd memories strike me. This one is about a sixth grade grab bag that was wonderful and terrible at the same time. For only reasons a sixth grader can understand. This one was brought on by a combination of the oncoming holidays and a post about stupid gift exchanges written by my friend Andi-Roo, who I have only met once, but it was to much laughter and throwing of glitter. I find her both brutally honest and hilarious. You will probably find her NSFW. Fair warning. Anyway, this particular memory is about one Christmas season when I was in maybe sixth grade. As per stupid small-town public school tradition (at least where I grew up), we had our yearly "grab bag". That meant a teacher told us how much we could spend and then we went home and asked our parents to spend it so we could bring some trinket to class for the grab bag.
Carol Lynn
December 12, 2013